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Little Wild Lines

Leopard Shark Sticker

Leopard Shark Sticker

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Leopard sharks are the star of many South-East Queensland dive sites during the summer, where they aggregate in large numbers. These docile carpet sharks spend much of their days lazing about on the sea floor, where they find their primary food source including crustaceans and molluscs. However, they are also mesmerisingly agile swimmers, captivating the hearts of divers around the globe. They lay egg cases known as "mermaid's purses" and babies hatch with distinct black and white stripes, earning this species the name of Zebra Sharks in some countries. Amazingly, some female leopard sharks have been observed reproducing asexually when no males are available.

Our waterproof stickers are made in Melbourne, Australia. Made to last, you can stick them on your water bottle, laptop, coffee cup, diary, consenting coworkers or car windows.

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I created Little Wild Lines to share art and apparel that gives back to Mama Earth. My first collection, 'Ocean Dancers', draws on my freediving experiences to bring you her most magical marine performers. 10% of profits from every purchase are donated to rotating conservation efforts. Explore, enjoy and be inspired!